The Right People Make The Right Organization.

Our team is made up of experts from 3 disciplines, namely the sports arbitrage professionals, the technology experts and the actuarial science geniuses.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. James Oliver

James Oliver is an astute statistician with a degree in Economics. After graduation, James has worked for various insurance companies in the field of Actuarial Science. Prior to Gain Cities, he worked for seven years with Progressive Insurance, climbing up the ranks quickly to become one of the firms’ finest Actuary Officers. With many years of high level analytical work and statistical experience under his belt, James Oliver’s work with the Bayesian and statistical modeling is unparalleled. Today, with James at Gain Cities’ helm, the company is primed for great success.

Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Benjamin Teare

Benjamin Teare graduated from The United States North Dakota with a degree from the Institute of Physical Education. An avid sports fan, Benjamin worked with numerous major sports clubs in North America after graduation. Prior to founding Gain Cities, Benjamin was one of the top General Managers at Newport Sports Management, where he expertly negotiated player contracts and trade deals, handled media relations and promotional events for his firm. His profound understanding and wide network of key connections in the sports industry creates an enormous competitive edge for Gain Cities today.