Sports Arbitrage Legends

Legends that make the games beautiful, paving a way to a new form of investing.


Luc Pettett - CEO,

Luc Pettett started off his career as a Software Developer since 2005 when he graduated from Queensland University of Technology. His wealth of technical experience landed him a position to lead a technology development team in Punter’s Paradise.

During his time in Punter’s Paradise, he acquired knowledge on online gambling and affiliate marketing, which sparked a great deal of interest to him. Under his supervision, he transformed the company by utilizing technology to drive the businesses. With great performance and value of his contribution, he was elected as the Chief Executive Officer of Punter’s Paradise.

In April 2014, he left Punter’s Paradise and founded, a company providing the community in horse racing with tools, tips and a social networking experience between punters.

Method of Sports Arbitraging

Luc developed his own well-designed betting software to run arbitraging strategies on horse racing.

His Peak Performances

  • Placing over 700 bets in 1 day
  • Betting AUD$45,000 in 1 race
  • Making an ROI of 1.2% to 2.5% per race

Alan Seymour – Sports Arbitrage Review

Alan Seymour is a retired civil engineer from Essex back in 2001. Upon his retirement at the age of 57, he took time to look for new things to do with his free time. He found himself reading a direct mail letter about a risk free betting cum work from home opportunity. The letter was very well-written to bring across the idea of making profits from 95% of your bets and enticed Alan to pay £50 to get a handbook on Sports Arbitrage Trading.

Alan started his retirement career as a sports arbitrage trader, at the comfort of his own home. With great motivation on his new found career, he wrote journal of his progress in mastering the trade. His journey began exciting and went on to blog on his trading experiences, and even wrote guides for beginners to start trading.

Method of Sports Arbitraging

Alan relied heavily on his immaculate organization of data he collected for analysis. He carry out meticulous selection of the games to play and also a money management system in place to trade strategically.

His Peak Performances

  • 10 Year history of winning records
  • Winning GBP £50,000 in a quarter
  • Making an ROI of 2.8% to 4.04% per match