Questions on Sports Arbitrage

Why do these arbitrage opportunities occur?

There are a variety of reasons on why arbitraging opportunities happen daily. The main reason is discrepancies between bookmakers as each have their own way to set the odds and also biased based odds towards certain sports in their location.

Is Sports Arbitrage legal?

Yes, it is completely legal and most bookmakers allow you to place multiple bets in a single sporting event.

Can anyone do it?

Yes, anyone can do sports arbitrage in the comfort of their own home. However, it could be too difficult for an individual to monitor the odds of various bookmakers and multiple sports matches. Formulating the best profitable bet combinations is another uphill task for many.

Why is our platform viable? Wouldn’t bookies stop us from winning all the time?

The answer is scale and information disparity.

The sports betting industry is 40 Billion and growing, and there are a large number of companies with an even larger number of players betting with them independently. For these companies to manage their risk effectively, they have to have a certain ratio and balance of players betting on all spectrums of a game’s outcome. However, it would be detrimental for them to adjust their odds to become unfavourable if they are leaning heavy on one side of the bet.

This is where Gain Cities comes in.

Our partnership with these bookies allows them to leverage on the knowledge of other company’s odds efficiently, and provides a platform where even betting companies can minimise their exposure by placing bets with other bookies. This is a true win – win situation for all betting companies in our growing network.

Why should you invest with Gain Cities?

Downstream, we assist players and partners by putting their money in to fill these betting disparity gaps across the betting industry and delivering a reasonable return to them.

By leveraging our huge network, players – partners no longer need to go through the hassle of managing multiple betting accounts, experiencing losses from human errors due to changing odds, or having cash flow and forex rate issues from holding their money in various countries and accounts.