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“People say no pain, no gain. But in Gain Cities, we can gain without the pain. In today’s economy, who is in the right industry with the right technology will be able to make significant money. For Sports Arbitrage, it is a wonderful marriage of numbers and technology.”GET IN TOUCH →

Making the Impossible Possible

About Gain Cities

Gain Cities Pty Ltd, founded in 2015, is the premier sports arbitraging company located in Seychelles. Gain Cities is a fund management company in the sports arbitrage industry. The company is setup by a team of experts from the sports arbitrage industry and professionals with strong financial background especially in actuarial science. FIND OUT MORE →

A New Way to Investing

Sports Arbitrage

Sports Arbitrage is the act of intelligently betting on all possible outcomes of a sporting event at the same time. It is one form of making money online which is reliable, safe and anyone can do it.FIND OUT MORE →


The Gain Cities Advantage

XCALIBUR is an automated sports arbitraging system, a State-of-the-Art Technology. It has the ability to crunch numbers and analyze data and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is deployed on a global scale to scan and formulates the best bet combinations.FIND OUT MORE →


We link up with various bookmakers globally to get the latest odds feeds.
Eliminates human emotional elements with our technology enabled non-biased strategies.
We formulate the bet combinations to generate the highest possible profits.
Ease Of Use
Simple & Powerful Broker Plan
Ease Of Use
At Gain Cities, we have a simple and powerful broker plan for anyone who is interested in leveraging on our comprehensive network of data and state of the art technological systems.

Instead of having to painstakingly monitor hundreds of games and their ever changing odds and having to split your bankroll over various accounts, enjoy the comfort of having everything you need at one website.

Professional Team
A Premier Sports Arbitraging Company
Professional Team
Gain Cities invests heavily in talent and technology, and that is the reason why we are growing to be one of the premier sports arbitrage companies in the world.
Be part of our growing network of brokers and partners who are already benefiting from our team of dedicated, experienced and passionate professionals.
Experience Winning
The Joy of Winning
Experience Winning
Experience the joy of winning. Bask in the luxury of having more. More time, more comfort and more to life. Lean on our platform and transform the way you perceive the sports industry.
Experience winning like never before.